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Home Offices

Creative traditional and modern residential office solutions.
  • Modern or traditional, L&M can find the perfect home office solution.
  • L&M has a large showroom full of traditional wooden desks.
  • If you live in a modern home, turn no further than L&M Office.
When it comes to outfitting a home office, there’s no project too large or too small for the professionals at L&M Office Furniture. The team and L&M love to solve problems, and often, a home office is a fine balance of getting the most out of a space while maintaining the feel and look of a home.

Recently, a retired couple visited the Tulsa showroom looking for a home office solution that would allow the couple to share the space. While the husband and wife’s needs were completely different, they worked closely with L&M to find the solution that squeezed the most effective working space out of their home.

The couple’s experience at L&M didn’t start and end with the furniture purchase. The couple consulted with in-house designers who provided two- and three-dimensional drawings of the shared workspace. When the installation and delivery teams brought the new furniture into the home, everything fit like a glove. Contact L&M – we’ll work with you to make your traditional or modern home workplace special to you and your needs.

Project photos courtesy of National and Paoli.