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Maybe you should get DIRTTY?

Come visit the DIRTT display at L&M Office Furniture.In the past, an office remodel meant tearing down walls, gutting a building, and starting over. It doesn’t have to be that way. DIRTT Environmental Solutions has one of the most revolutionary products for office spaces – and L&M is the only place to get these great products in Oklahoma.

DIRTT is a bit like LEGO blocks for the office. The company manufactures wall, door, millwork, flooring, power and networking solutions. The end result is a new, inspiring office space.

Take Light Reading for instance. Light Reading Inc. is a large online telecommunications publication in New York City that recently rejuvenated their office space. The company wanted a workplace that wasn’t a farm of cubicles or was in anyway uniform and boring. They even wanted a curved glass studio wall over 11 feet tall to create a unique space. Their finished product is amazing! Read about it here.

DIRTT’s attitude is that they don’t make products – they build projects. In Oklahoma, DIRTT Solutions were used in the new Devon Tower in Oklahoma City.

If you are interested in creating a magical, engaging space, visit with our sales and design team about a DIRTT makeover. Our showroom even has a DIRTT room built to show the thoughtfulness and ingenuity of their designs.

For more information, visit www.dirtt.net and visit our showroom to see DIRTT firsthand.