L&M offers green solutions for your excess furniture.

When organizations and institutions move, renovate or construct a new facility, it usually includes brand new office furniture. Something must happen to the old furniture though. Either the owner can reuse it in other parts of the organization, or L&M can help the owner.


Helping out with used furniture is critical to the environment. Most times, people can easily lose sight of excess furniture considerations with the excitement of a new space on the horizon.


At L&M, we worry about the environment and leaving the world better than we found it. We’ve created a new sustainability program to get more out of office furniture because of statistics like this:


  • In 2009, the United State’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that furniture accounted for 9.8 million tons (4.1%) of household waste. That’s just household waste – not even corporate, municipal, and other waste.


  • According to the EPA, nearly 9 million tons of usable office furniture and equipment ends up in landfills every year.


How can we help your organization take a sustainable approach with your excess or used furniture? We’ve developed several options to repurpose and recycle equipment so that very little ends up in the landfill:


  • We’ll buy your old furniture. L&M has a thriving used furniture business. We will buy your old furniture, repair and clean it, and put it on our show floor to sell to emerging companies, start-ups, non-profits, and many other organizations.


  • We can help you repurpose your own furniture. Our design team can assess your current furniture assets, and use these assets as part of the design process.


  • We can help facilitate donations. We work with many organizations throughout Oklahoma that would be grateful for your donation, and could make great use of your desks, cubicles, chairs, tables, and more for many years to come.


  • We will haul your excess furniture to responsible recyclers. We have our own fleet of trucks and moving tools that we will use to move your excess furniture to responsible recyclers in the area.


If you want to get started with L&M Office’s sustainable furniture program, call (918) 664-1010 today or send us an email for more information.