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From elementary to higher education, L&M is well schooled.

Educational Facilities


L&M Office Furniture has a long history working with Oklahoma’s educational institutions and public schools. Consider all the spaces that require furniture in a modern school building – from classrooms to libraries to cafeterias and much more, L&M can provide furniture solutions.


In the past few years, L&M has helped Broken Arrow Public Schools with their high school expansion and Union Public Schools with their Collegiate Academy, not to mention many other projects. With both of these projects, L&M was able to help the projects complete before the deadline so that the school was able to open on schedule.


For colleges, universities, and school systems, it’s important to work with L&M Office Furniture to get the best possible pricing. L&M has a variety of product lines that are on competitive education contracts that allow clients to purchase at the best possible price. These contracts have already been bid and the prices are proven to be the best, which saves your institution time and money for other important tasks.


One of the key challenges in furnishing a school is delivering full buildings of furniture in tight time frames before a school year starts. Because L&M has expert installers and a large staging stockroom at their Tulsa facility, we are equipped and ready for these large-scale moves.


Educational institutions have learned to use L&M for space planning, project management, delivery, installation, storage, and repair for their needs. Our sales team would love to work with you and your school system to find the ideal solutions for your needs.


Photos courtesy of Union Public Schools, Broken Arrow Public Schools, and HON.