We know how to appropriately store your office furniture.

Office furniture, desks, workstation, workstation walls, and more take up space. If you need to free your own storage space of unused office furniture or are in the process of downsizing, use our trusted storage service. L&M Office Furniture has more than 120,000 square feet of storage space in Tulsa where customers can store extra pieces of office furniture.


With just one call to L&M, customers can have their equipment moved at a very reasonable price. Our trained professionals will move your furniture assets back to the location you need quickly. Storing furniture with L&M allows you to better allocate your storage space.


Over the years, customers have used L&M’s storage capabilities as their businesses grew and repurposed equipment. Our storage facilities represent a great location to allocate resources until they find a new home. Call our professionals today to find out how L&M storage can help your business.